Our founder Nicole has worked in the fashion retail industry for over 2 decades. She has worked as a Manager, stylist, merchandiser and trend forecaster for some of the best retailers in the world. 

After becoming a mom of 2 kids, she left her job with one of  the largest global retailers and decided to delve deeper into her culture. She then traveled back home to India looking for inspiration. There after meeting with various artists and industry experts, the concept of the line came about.

INXVIII stands for the word innate. Fashion is everywhere; it is art, it is a form of self expression and a way of saying who you are, but style is intrinsic; it is innate. The idea is to create clothes that reflect who you are on the inside, on the outside as well.

A few Key concepts for the brand were to firstly create a line that would represent a strong, independent inspirational woman that her daughter could look up to. Secondly that the items would be reflective of the current trends represented on the runways  And Lastly something that was cross functional enough to be worn in a myriad of ways other than just to traditional events. 

INXVIII (IN X 8) is designed in Canada and currently produced by a female owned production house in Mumbai, adding another woman entrepreneur to the brand. Our vision is to create a smooth shopping experience for a woman who wants to support other women, loves fashion and likes to get the most wear out of even her specialty purchases.

As we grow we will branch out into various other avenues like customization and brick and mortar locations. Join us on our journey!



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