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The Answers You Need

What are my payment options?
You can pay by any major credit card or pay pal through our secure online system.

Can I order things that are not in the collection and get you to custom make me something?
We currently do not offer any custom services other than size on outfits that can be pre-ordered. If you are a bride looking for something specific and want our brand to represent you on your big day please get in touch with . We will work brides and bridal parties to deliver their vision as best we can. 

How do I clean and care for my garments?
We use a lot of embroidery, embellishments and pure fabrics like silk in our designs. We highly recommend that the best way to clean them is through dry cleaning.  

Can I buy pieces separately or do I need to purchase the entire look?
Although we created the collection for the pieces to all match and even though some items can be worn as sets, we encourage our customers to experiment, mix and match and get the most use out of their garment. You are completely free to buy  just 1 piece as needed. Very few items are sold in sets those are priced together and cannot be bought separately.

Is there room for alterations?

Yes, an item can be made slightly bigger or smaller if needed. There is a bit of extra completed fabric left in the seams to open out the garment. Please be advised that we currently do not offer alterations. We can customize size on items available to pre -order. For any questions about size or alteration please email customer service at . We will try to assist you the best we can. Final decision is at the customers sole discretion. 



  • BUST 34 inches/86 cm 

  • WAIST 28 inches/ 71 cm     

  • HIPS 36 inches/ 91 cm


  • BUST 40 inches/102 cm 

  • WAIST 34 inches/ 86 cm     

  • HIPS 42 inches/ 106 cm


  • BUST 36 inches/91 cm 

  • WAIST 30 inches/ 76 cm    

  • HIPS 38 inches/ 96 cm


  • BUST 42 inches/106 cm 

  • WAIST 36 inches/ 91 cm     

  • HIPS 44 inches/ 111 cm


  • BUST 38 inches/96 cm 

  • WAIST 32 inches/ 82 cm     

  • HIPS 40 inches/ 102 cm


  • BUST 44 inches/111 cm 

  • WAIST 38inches/ 96 cm     

  • HIPS 46 inches/ 117 cm


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